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Abe Rodriguez - Owner & Lead Installer

I am the owner and senior installer for Accurate Window Tinting. I have been in the window film industry since 1985, but ultimately made a decision to start Accurate Window Tinting in 2000 as a mobile one-man business. Operating a mobile business proved to be very challenging to run and grow successfully, so in 2001 we opened a store-front and have been growing every year since. We now have five full-time employees and look to expand further in the near future. My focus and vision for the company will always be to give our best to our customers.

I began in the automotive side and worked to perfect my skills for 20 years before becoming a business owner. My experience in the window film industry is automotive, residential ,commercial, safety & security film and graphics.  I am also trained and certified by 3M for Paint Protection installation. I love what I do and I enjoy meeting the many customers that we come in contact with each day.

A retired U.S. Air Force veteran, I enjoyed my time in uniform and considered it a privilege to serve in the US Armed Forces. Also employed by Boeing North America for 10 years before resigning to run Accurate Window Tinting full time. I learned quite a few things working for big organizations and it has been a major benefit in running a small business effectively. 

When not working (which is rare), I do enjoy keeping fit, playing tennis and bike riding. I have been married for 29 years and have two adult children and one beautiful granddaughter. 

Kim Rodriguez - Co-Owner & Accounting

As co-owner of Accurate Window Tinting I have seen many changes in the film industry and we continue to look for ways to grow and expand the reach of Accurate Window Tinting.  While working with my husband and being married to him for thirty + years, I have seen him grow and expand his knowledge of the industry year after year. He has a passion for the industry and in shows in his commitment to our customers.



I have been employed with Accurate Window Tinting for six years. I began part time working every summer while attending college at Frostburg University and after graduation began to work full-time. I have been installing film full time for two years and the last two years have been the most rewarding because I was trained by the manufacturer, EASTMAN-Performance Films and also hold certification by the IWFA (International Window Film Association) as an automotive film specialist. Having the opportunity to compete for the last two years in the IWFA sponsored 'tint off,' and though I did not come home with the gold or the check, I did gain a wealth of experience. I have grown simply by watching industry veterans, taking what I've learned from those individuals and putting my learning to practice. While there can be challenges to installing film in vehicles, homes and businesses due to unlimited amount of installation applications and needing to adjust for each one appropriately, there is great inner-satisfaction when we complete an installation and the customer is pleased with our work.

While I do love what I do as a professional installer, what brings me even more joy is playing softball for various teams throughout the year and traveling to compete in world tournaments. My other hobbies are snowboarding and traveling.

Veronica Rodriguez - Office Assistant & Apprentice installer

My primary duties as the office assistant are customer service and handling customer transactions, customer vehicle inspections, and monthly reporting. While the boss (aka my dad) has been running a successful business for the last fourteen years I've only joined the team a couple of years ago, but am actively learning the trade and recently accepted the opportunity to go to tint school' to become an installer myself. I enjoy being part of the industry and meeting our diverse clientele. 

Jeremy RodrigueZ - General manager


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Accurate Window Tinting is fully licensed, insured and bonded.  References and Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.  
Our professional memberships include the International Window Film Association (IWFA), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).