Why spend a small fortune on your vehicle and not have the interior protected as well as your occupants with a high quality window film. Don’t settle for an inferior window film. We have made selecting quality window film easy.

You can choose from our 'Good', 'Better' and 'Best' window film selections for general applications. For those who demand the ultimate in window film for their vehicles we have it. Once you have experienced the comfort, privacy and benefits of a superior window film you won’t turn back and you won't settle for less.

Proper installation of window film is a craft that requires extensive training, years of experience and meticulous attention to detail. Our expert installation team takes pride in their work and they are professionally trained and certified by the product manufacturers.

Our automotive services stretch far beyond just cars and trucks. Services are also available for installation on:

Window Tint Benefits

There are many great benefits to having window film installed such as:
 enhancing the appearance of your vehicle
reducing the amount of incoming heat
blocking dangerous UVA and UVB rays up to 99%
- r
eduction of incoming glare - day & night
- h
elps to hold shards of broken glass together in case of an accident
- r
ecognized by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Proof of the Sun's Damaging Effects On Your Skin


We install Vista, LLumar and 3M Window Films because they are the best on the market today, as both of these manufacturers are dedicated to continually improving their products. These films will protect your vehicles interior from premature fading and deterioration.

The process to install window film has changed greatly over the years, and we make it a point to take advantage of the latest technology available in order to continually give you the best products available as well as the cleanest install. The window film patterns are produced using our computerized cutting system.

While the computer allows for perfect cuts, it is our experienced team that installs the film with precision and care - not only for the film but also for your vehicle. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with the product as well as our service. 



Choose from a variety of window films to get the look and level of protection you desire. Window tinting reduces the visible light transmission (VLT) that passes through the windows. This can be problematic at night, overcast days, and foggy, rainy or snow days. However, with today’s advanced window films you can select a film which is virtually clear, while still achieving heat reduction of 50% or more. This will enable you to spot hazards which would otherwise be obstructed by a dark film. You do not have to select a dark film to block the heat. We have a wide variety of advanced window films available to fit your needs.

Different Types of Film

Each state has different laws pertaining to window film installed on your vehicle. You can download a copy of the IWFA Window Film Chart to review the laws for your state, and better select a film that helps keep your vehicle legal. You can also call us for assistance for further information.


Our installation techniques are standard on all vehicle’s, so you don’t have to pay extra and you don’t need to select a higher-grade film series to get the best installation possible. All of our side window installations come with the micro-edge or a filed edge. With our 'micro-edge' installation technique, the tint is installed all the way to the top of each window so there is no gap when the window is rolled down. 

We have installed film on side glass for years using this method, and this helps achieve a look that will make you think that the car came from the factory with the glass already tinted. This is the standard for all of our installations. With today’s advanced films and our experience of installation, 99% of all rear windows we install film on are tinted in one continuous piece - NO SEAMS AT ALL.


Customer Ride highlight::..

2015 Ford Mustang GT

Products Installed:
3M Window Film - 5% all around


Additional Automotive Services

Cars and trucks are not the only vehicles we service. Installation of all our products are also available on: MOTORCYCLES, RV's,  BOATS & WATERCRAFT, LINE-HAUL TRUCKS, AIRPLANES, FARM EQUIPMENT, AND ANY OTHER SPECIALTY VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT

Every year we also install tint on many other special purpose vehicles. We have extensive experience installing film on many different types of vehicles. These types of special purpose vehicle’s generally do not have any computer cut patterns in the data base, and instead can only be hand-cut and installed by our master installer. Our experienced and knowledgeable installers can meet any window film challenges encountered.

Installing a good quality window film will give you years of performance. You are dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment cost so, choose a professional to install a film that will perform the way you need it to! Our professional recommendation would be to select our 'Better' or 'Ultimate' performance series films to give the operators of those special purpose vehicles the results they are looking for. With a possible 78% heat rejection and a 99% UV ray protection by filtering visible light and heat your operators will be happy with. The operators of these specialty vehicles will be able to complete their tasks with much greater ease, comfort and safety.

WINDOW tint Removal

If you have a vehicle that has old window film and you are needing it replaced, or you need the film removed for inspection or to be in compliance due to a ticket, we can expertly remove the window tint from your vehicle’s windows without damaging the seals, defrosters or scratching the glass. 

Common signs of worn-out film are purple coloring, bubbled, distorted and hazy looking and peeling in the corners or at seams? If you notice even one of those issues it's time to have your window tint removed and you glass restored with a modern and advanced window film.

For any other general film removals such as for inspection or ticket requirements, we can usually accommodate this type of work any day of the week with a scheduled appointment. The average removal time of the film is 30-60 minutes depending on the condition of the old window tint. The actual times may vary depending on work load and available personnel. 

For window tint care, cleaning and other general questions, please visit our Automotive Tint F.A.Q.'s page.

Free estimates are available upon request. For general inquiries please use our contact form.

Accurate Window Tinting is fully licensed, insured and bonded.  References and Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.  
Our professional memberships include the International Window Film Association (IWFA), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).