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Energy Savings for Commercial Projects

Low-e window films will improve the emissivity of a glass. A window unit that is treated with a Low-e window film will reflect radiant heat back into the room; in colder temperatures when the heat is running in your building or office space this can translate into lower energy cost.

Low-e window films are designed to improve the insulating ability of windows. If you want to save energy year round, low-e window films are the next advancement in quality films.

EnerLogic 35’s low-e window coating reflects up to 93% of radiant heat, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. This product provides glare control and superior energy savings. 

EnerLogic® is a low-e window film that reduces solar heat gain and radiant heat loss, creating year-round heating and cooling savings of up to three times as much as conventional window film with comparable light transmission.

the most efficient low-e film available for commercial buildings

How is this possible? That's where EnerLogic® comes in.
EnerLogic commercial window film’s low-e coating was developed to offer all the benefits of year-round energy savings while also minimizing iridescent shine. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing, ultra-efficient low-e commercial window film.

Why should I choose EnerLogic instead of new low-e windows or another low-e window film?
New windows may be efficient, but they can:
• Can cost 3-5 times more than window film
• Take 15-20+ years to provide a return on investment
• Generate significant waste during installation

Other low-e window films may be less expensive, but they:
• Offer significantly less energy savings than EnerLogic film
• Can block views to the outdoors at night and on cloudy days
• Considerably diminish the amount of natural light entering the building
• Appear iridescent

count the savings. count the benefits.

EnerLogic provides all of the benefits of traditional window film to facilities of any size in government, healthcare, office, retail, multifamily, hospitality, and education sectors such as:

• Lowers cooling load and costs by reducing solar heat gain
• Extend HVAC equipment life by decreasing run time
• Reduces use of artificial lighting
• Helps eliminate hot/cold spots throughout a space
• Reduces glare
• Preserves views to the outdoors
• Protects against harmful UV rays


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what is Low-E Window window?

Low-e stands for “low emissivity.” Emissivity is a measure of a surface’s ability to absorb or reflect far-infrared radiation. The lower the emissivity, the lower the far-infrared absorption and the higher the far-infrared reflection. The sun’s rays,  contain  ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared radiation. Low-e windows provide minimal protection against incoming radiation from the sun, but do reflect longer far infrared wave lengths. Far-infrared radiation is re-radiated from objects (both inside and outside the building) that have been heated by the original radiation from the sun or heated in other ways. The body senses all infrared radiation as heat.

Solar Control Low-e windows

Standard control window film on a low-e window is perhaps the best complete protection available. The window will provide heat loss reduction and the film will significantly reduce the solar heat gain. In addition, the film will provide glare control and block 99.9% of the UV.

With these energy savings and ROI, 
EnerLogic window film is the investment
you can't afford to miss!


This video outlines the the detailed energy savings measurement and analysis performed during an EnerLogic low-e window film installation project at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Houston, TX.


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