[ Low-E Film ]

Low-e window films will improve the emissivity of a glass. A window unit that is treated with a Low-e window film will reflect radiant heat back into the room; in colder temperatures when the heat is running in your home this can translate into lower energy cost.

Low-e window films are designed to improve the insulating ability of windows. If you want to save energy year round, low-e window films are the next advancement in quality films.

EnerLogic 35’s low-e window coating reflects up to 93% of radiant heat, helping to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. This product provides glare control and superior energy savings. 

EnerLogic® is a low-e window film that reduces solar heat gain and radiant heat loss, creating year-round
heating and cooling savings of up to three times as much as conventional window film with comparable light transmission.


Having EnerLogic 35 window film installed on your house is a simple and effective way to help increase comfort and lower your energy bills.

You won’t just see the difference in your energy bills and your windows, you’ll feel it too. House window tinting with EnerLogic 35 film keeps solar heat out of your house in the hot weather and radiant heat inside your home during cold weather.

As EnerLogic certified installers, we take pride in fast and careful installation. The film is quickly and cleanly applied to the inside surfaces of your home’s windows. No construction mess. No major disruptions. The average home installation can be completed in just a few hours with minimal or no disruption to your household.

The best part of this home window tint is the increased comfort and energy cost savings you’ll enjoy. Keep Heat, Glare and UV in its place. Having EnerLogic® 35 home window tint installed is a simple and fast way to improve the insulating power of your windows, and put more money back in your pocket.

Let's Break It Down: Technical Aspects

what is Low-E Window window?

Low-e stands for “low emissivity.” Emissivity is a measure of a surface’s ability to absorb or reflect far-infrared radiation. The lower the emissivity, the lower the far-infrared absorption and the higher the far-infrared reflection. The sun’s rays,  contain  ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared radiation. Low-e windows provide minimal protection against incoming radiation from the sun, but do reflect longer far infrared wave lengths. Far-infrared radiation is re-radiated from objects (both inside and outside the home) that have been heated by the original radiation from the sun or heated in other ways. The body senses all infrared radiation as heat.

Solar Control Film and Low-e windows

Standard control window film on a low-e window is perhaps the best complete protection available. The window will provide heat loss reduction and the film will significantly reduce the solar heat gain. In addition, the film will provide glare control and block 99.9% of the UV.


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