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Front end covered with 3M Paint Protection

Front end covered with 3M Paint Protection

Protect and shield one of your biggest investments, your vehicle. Your vehicle’s paint is susceptible to damage everyday your vehicle is on the road. With 3M Paint Protection Pro-Series your vehicle’s paint will be protected from bugs, rock and stones, sand and salt in winter climates, minor impacts and other road debris that your vehicle is exposed to the minute you leave your driveway. Whether your new vehicle is leased or purchased, 3M's paint protection package will benefit you and keep your ride looking good for years.


What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint protection film is an 8 millimeter thick thermoplastic urethane which resists: puncturing, discoloration and peeling. 3M Paint protection is virtually invisible, will not alter your vehicle’s appearance, OEM approved, and fits like a glove. Preserving the finish of your vehicle with paint protection film (PPF) keeps your vehicle looking newer longer, and can enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future.

This film can be applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car. This film is also used on airplanes, RVs, motorcycles, electronics and many other areas.

Depending on your vehicle and driving habits you could benefit from either a partial kit or a full kit for your vehicle. The level of paint protection needed depends on several factors such as, how long you plan to keep your car, do own or lease, how particular you are about your vehicle, road and weather conditions where you live, and many other factors.

PPF Partial Kits - Lower bumper, 18-24” of the leading edge of the hood, fenders and mirrors.

PPF Full Kits - Lower bumper, full hood, full fenders, mirrors, lights and any other areas you deem necessary.

Vehicle Areas that can be treated with Paint Protection

Hood | Painted Bumpers | Headlights | Roof Line | Rocker Panels | Luggage/Trunk Area | Door Cups



Vehicle areas that can be treated
with Paint Protection Film

  • Hood
  • Painted Bumpers
  • Headlights
  • Roof Line
  • Rocker Panels
  • Luggage/Trunk Area
  • Door Cups

Defend against anything the road throws your way.

The Best Quality Film - 3M Scotchgard Pro Series

Scotchgard Pro Series provides many great features, with several advantages and benefits over other protective films. When you purchase 3M products you know you are buying a recognized brand from a trusted company with staying power.

Scotchgard Pro Series has low orange peel qualities, making it one of the clearest films in the industry and virtually invisible on your vehicle. The revolutionary clear coat technology produces exceptional stain and scratch resistance, making it easier to clean and harder to scratch, ensuring that it keeps the vehicle looking newer longer. 3M PPF also has self-healing properties, with innovative technology that allows minor scratches to disappear by themselves, keeping the film and your vehicle finish looking new. Lastly, PPF has excellent durability. The new formula for the Scotchgard Pro Series has superior resistance to yellowing and cracking, ensuring that your vehicle finish retains the showroom quality, color and design features.

Certified Professional Installation

Using a 3M trained and certified installer ensures that you will received the best installation possible. Accurate Window Tinting installers are trained and authorized as 3M Dealer's and have been installing paint protection since 2001.

How to Care For Paint Protection Film

Scotchgard Pro Series film does not require any special maintenance to keep it looking great, it is completely maintenance free. You can wash and wax your car as you would normally.

3M Warranty for Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series

Our comprehensive warranty for Scotchgard Pro Series film is 7 years from the date of purchase, and includes coverage against defects, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. Visit website at 3M.com/paint protection film for more details and to see the full warranty disclosure


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